We upcycle OLD COMPUTERS to help bridge the digital divide

Our mission is to restore and refurbish end-of-life computer hardware and reutilise them in homes, schools and organisations around the world.

We need your help

Donate unused computers

By donating your unused equipment to us we’re able to ethically upcycle it for a continued use to benefit others.

support services that help people around the world

The IT support and website design services we provide help to underpin and fund our goal to support underprivileged communities, churches, charities, and mission work by ensuring all our profits benefit them and help bring social value.

We provide technical support to all kinds of businesses, churches and charities both remotely and on-site.

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We use the impressive WordPress platform to build functional, beautiful websites that are easy to use.

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Our project aims to fulfill our purpose by upcycling computers for reuse and donating them to families, communities and charities across the world.

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Need a computer? let us help!


We actively seek out projects and charities that would benefit from our upcycled computers, but sometimes we need a little help. So if you know of anybody who would benefit from our service, let us know!

If you, your mission or your charity need computers, laptops or other peripherals, WE CAN HELP! We offer free or highly discounted machines for those most in need, in the UK and around the world.
…And we’d love to help you!

who are mission computers?

We are a Community Interest Company based in Penrith within the UK county of Cumbria. As a social enterprise our goal and mission is to provide social value that benefits the community – whether in the UK or oversees – by reutilising upcycled technology and dontaing to those who need it most. Being a CIC means we are a Limited Company and can where possible sustain our mission through selling services, with our profit and resources being put back into the company to advance our mission further.

Support Us Financially

If you would like to support our mission to get technology into disadvantaged
communities around the world, please consider giving a gift to Mission Computers.

Your gift of £5, £10 or £25 would make a world of difference
and help us to buy supplies, transport equipment and cover administration costs.

Acts 4 Vision

We believe that, just like Acts 4 describes, sharing what we have should be a priority for all, equally distributing to anyone who has need so that none are lacking.

We believe we can do this with our unused technology, to help bridge the digital divide, reduce our waste and combat inequality.