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Our mission is simple: to provide opportunities for societies most underprivileged to access ict

Mission Computers was born out of a desire to see disused and outdated technology put to good use in mission fields around the world.

Internet access is now considered a fundamental human right by most, and plays a large role in the freedom of expression and by extension the  right to education. But in order for this to be fulfilled there must first be access to ICT.

Read the UN Human Rights Report for more information

The project actively seeks out unwanted items such as laptops, desktop PC’s, printers and peripherals that have reached the end of life in an organisation (as part of an upgrade cycle) or home use, and rebuilds/upcycles them so they can be donated to those that would otherwise not have the opportunity to use such technology.

Who is the project helping?

Charities, missions and churches around the world are working to improve the lives and support communities of those deprived of quality education and basic facilities, and to enhance their quality of life as much as possible. Mission Computers aims to help facilitate these other projects by supplying technological equipment for free, where possible, to those who need it, providing opportunities for people to learn and use computers to enhance their education; to enable churches to utilise technology in their work and services; to allow missions to use or distribute computers for the benefit of their work and the people they work with.

How can you help?

There are a number of ways you can help to support our project and mission, including donating items, financial gifts and volunteering!

Donate Unwanted Items

We need old (or new!) laptops and desktops, plus tablets, hard drives, RAM, CPUs and monitors. Ideally in working condition. These are crucial to enable us to continue our work. We can arrange for collection within Cumbria, or speak to us if you’re outside of Cumbria.

Tithing / Gifting

As a Community Interest Company we have built our project around supporting ourselves as a Private Limited company, registered with Companies House. Our other services (IT support and website design) enable us to make a profit which is then funnelled directly back into the company to sustain the project.

If you would like to support our mission financially to help the project we would be thrilled! You can make an easy single donation, or contact us for regular giving.


Unfortunately, we are currently not looking to take on volunteers. We will update this page and social media when the situation changes in the future.